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Final Predictions: 51st Bb Pilipinas Crowning Tonight by Carlo Tenerife

Truly this is the time of the year when pageant enthusiasts get craziest. It’s Bb Pilipinas coronation night happening tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum come 8pm.

The BBPilipinasGOLD beauties were truly accomplished and successful having won two of four international crowns. 2013 Miss International title was won by Bea Rose Santiago. 2013 Miss Supranational crown was won by Mutya Johanna Datul. Ara Arida placed 3rd runner up in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant while Cindy Miranda placed finalist in the 2013 Miss Tourism Queen international quest.

Kudos to the BbPilipinasGOLD beauties for such remarkable wins. You all made us very happy given your accomplishments.


The known Miss Universe Formula

Now that this pageant amorous Philippines has kind of come up with the so-called winning formula to making it to the Miss Universe runner up spot year after year given the high placements and recent successes of Venus Raj, 2010 4th RU, Shamcey Supsup, 2011 3rd RU, Janine Tugonon 2012 1st RU and Ara Arida, 2013 3rd RU. Now for sure we are up for the biggest challenge, which is to finally clinch the Miss Universe crown.

Recent trend has it that the crowned Miss Universe is someone who has an overall commercial appeal, a pretty good spokesperson, statuesque, has a versatile look, to quite an extent naive and less pageant patty, etc.

My previous blog was about the 8 Attributes of an Excellent miss universe Philippines. Here’s the link:

Given the 40 candidates in the 51st Bb Pilipinas edition here are the twelve candidates I confidently believe are Miss Universe material and as such can also do very well in the other four international pageants. I set the standard using the Miss Universe system because this pageant is relatively easier to predict, has the clearest judging system, etc. In my Miss Universe prediction last year I was able to hit 12/15 and 4/5 after preliminary. You may refer to my blog entry about it. Here’s the link

Given more training, media exposures, better wardrobe, the road to the Philippines’s 3rd Miss Universe crown would seem smooth and thus achievable.


Here are my TOP 12.

My final prediction basis is the cumulative effect of pageant exposures and a lot of gut-feel. I ranked the ladies by the title I believe would be perfect for them.

For Miss intercontinental

1. #27 Hannah Sison
2. #4 Parul Shah
3. #17 Diana Arevalo

For Miss International

1. #15 Kimverly Suiza
2. #8 Pia Wurtzbach
3. #22 Marian Guidotti

For Miss Tourism International

1. #8 Pia Wurtzbach
2. #25 MJ Lastimosa
3. #17 Diana Arevalo

For Miss Supranational

1. #35 Yvethe Santiago
2. #22 Marian Guidotti
3. #18 Ellore Punzalan

For Miss Universe

1. #13 Kris Tiffany Janson
2. #35 Yvethe Santiago
3. #22 Marian Guidotti

Final Predictions

2nd runner up #4 Parul Shah
1st runner up #22 Marian Guidotti
Bb Pilipinas Supranational #35 Yvethe Santiago
Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental #27 Hannah Sison
Bb Pilipinas Tourism #8 Pia Wurtzbach
Bb Pilipinas International #15 Kim Suiza
Miss Universe Philippines #13 Kris Tiffany Janson



Good luck to all the candidates of the 51st Bb Pilipinas. May the best ones win tonight!


Will Miss Philippines Ara Arida Win 2013 Miss Universe?

The Season Has Come

Truly the season of much looked-for keen observations, daring predictions and worthy acknowledgments of being bonafide beauty pageant enthusiasts have finally come to being.

The 2013 Miss Universe fever has been heating up to the high in the past few weeks and all social media networks have been hectically manifesting such hugeness bringing to the fore favorites, reviews, et cetera.

The Preliminary Competition

Yesterday, we finally witnessed this year’s 86 delegates to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant on its 62nd year competed head to head in the much important swimsuit and evening competitions. I say that, among others, this the much awaited part of the Miss Universe pageant as the greatest test of commanding stage presence was placed at stake and the real time cheers were out to test the real stand outs.

Trademark of Miss Universe being show efficient and fast pacing was still notably observed in the preliminary competition this year making the viewers stay glued on screen till the very end.

Selecting Your Bets

So how do we select our top 15 and favorites based on the preliminary competition?

There are a number of metrics or probably biases to consider but to sum those up, I say the oozing appeal that goes beyond color and even race that makes one truly noticeable, i.e., showing off striking physical attributes, remarkable beauty queen confidence, alluring personal style, et cetera.

One can gauge rightly the choice of front runners by recent trending, sheer gut-feel, or prolly cumulative effect of long term beauty pageant exposures over time.

As such, here are the possible top 15, and the author’s TOP 5 based on the preliminary performances, fan base recall, over all impression, et cetera.

Top 15

15. Ecuador
14. India
13. China
12. Israel
11. Australia
10. Nicaragua

9. Ukraine
8. Puerto Rico
7. Poland
6. Dominican Republic

Top 5

These choices even did spring from following the Miss Universe pageant long way before the actual pageant started in Moscow, Russia and intensified further in the preliminary competition. These ladies are much talked about online (Facebook, online forums, Twitter, et cetera) and have showed excellent performance in the preliminary competition.

5. Venezuela

Bio: Gabriela Isler started taking flamenco dancing lessons when she was a child, but says that her “real training” began when her niece was born.

Author’s Note: Gabriela, 25, 5’10” from Maracay is probably one of the most prepared candidates this year. She appears amiable and seems to know how to play her game well. Wearing a fabulously elegant evening gown and showing her great body in the swimsuit round, she certainly was one so hard to ignore this year. She appeared calm onstage and her pageant perfect “pasarella” manifested in both the swimsuit and evening gown portions.

4. Brazil

Bio: Jakelyne Oliveira dreams of making a name for herself in the fashion industry and using her image to support social and environmental causes.

Author’s Note: Jakelyne, 20, 5’8″, from Randonopolis stood out in the preliminary competition. She wore a very attractive evening gown, which is a strategy plus to really stand out and her fit body manifested in the swimsuit portion. I like the way she did strike that pose in the marker.

3. Spain

Bio: Patricia Yurena Rodriguez’s greatest personal accomplishment is leaving her small hometown in Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands of Spain, to pursue a modeling career.

Author’s Note: Patricia, 23, 5’8″, from Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife is very hard to miss. She has been much talked about in forums as well and seems very likable like a real ambassadress of goodwill. She has striking good looks and appeal that can draw attention be that in photos or videos.

2. USA

Bio: Erin Brady grew up in East Hampton, Connecticut. Before winning Miss USA, Erin was working as a financial accountant. She cites her biggest accomplishment as moving out on her own at the age of 17.

Author’s Note: Erin, 26, 5’10” from Connecticut has a very commanding stage presence, beautiful face and gorgeous body. She is an ambassadress material type and would be a good Miss Universe. I like her more given her performance in the preliminary competition. It appears that her styling worked really well for her.

1. Philippines

Bio: Ariella Arida graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines with a degree in chemistry.

Author’s Note: Ara, 24, Laguna has a fan base that is amazingly huge, which seemed to have gone viral on all forms of media. Ara has been invited to grace many a number of essential Miss Universe corporate events and shows. Her personality is naturally bubbly and fun. “Pasarella” was pageant perfect owning the stage like it was hers and she impressively showed her fit body in the swimsuit. The yellow gown she donned complicated her color more than enough to make her shine on stage. At this point in this, what she needs is sheer luck as she has those other needed Miss Universe stand out characteristics already.

As we always say, it is anyone’s real ballgame when one gets in the all essential semi finals cut. Can wait no more for the big day to come, November 9, US time. In the meantime, let us vote for our favorites and wish that the momentum will spring to their direction.









G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Ara Arida!

As we draw nearer the biggest day in the universe, November 9 (US) or November 10 (PH), everyone is getting crazier following the updates of our 2013 Miss Universe Philippines Ara Arida and what more she could bring to the fore given all the trends, so called formula to winning or getting noticed, if so those aforementioned truly exist.

On Monday, October 21, MNL time, our Miss Universe Philippines Ara Arida will leave for Moscow, Russia in her quest to take home the Philippines’ third Miss Universe crown.

Currently she has the massive support of the pageant amorous Filipinos who keep busy fora about her in all over social media so engrossed flooding the timelines of Facebook, Twitter, in exclusive Ara Arida group, et cetera.

So what more could Ara bring to the fore? To answer, here are some shots where I say G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Ara Arida (humming to Fergie’s) that all have been eagerly awaiting for. Shots taken by superb photographer Niccolo Cosme.

Shout your thoughts!

Photo credits to



The Philipines’ Very First Miss World Winner Comes Home Today

Hail to our very first Miss World from the Philippines Megan Lynne Young who shall come home today to her very pageant amorous nation. As such, the nation is celebrating and beaming with so much joy.

Megan Young truly made history. The Philippines has been competing in Miss World pageant for 46 long years in the pageant’s 65th year. Only this year did she finally clinch the much coveted crown on September 28, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Indeed, Megan’s success placed this pageant loving Philippines in the higher beauty pageantry ranks. Cheers to that and again congratulations, Megan!

Kudos to the national direction and CEO of Miss World Philippines Cory Quirino and her team. In addition, hats off to beauty camp Aces&Queens (by Jonas Gaffud, Arnold Mercado, Mark Besana, Nad Bronce, John Cuay, etc.). This beauty camp I must say is the one to beat.

Here’s the line up of our goddess’ activities

Megan’s homecoming will include the following:
October 10 – 5PM – Arrival NAIA
Ceremonial Toss– NBA Global game, SM MOA Arena
Houston Rockets vs Indiana Pacers

October 11- Morning Courtesy Call on Pres. Benigno Aquino III
2PM Motorcade/Victory Parade (Makati Central Post
Office/Ayala Ave/EDSA)
Miss World Fans are requested to wear something blue
Color of the crown) and meet Megan along the route of the motorcade. There is a request for the office workers to shower blue, aqua and white confetti as the motorcade passes their respective office buildings.

3:30 – 5:00 PM Meet and Greet Fans – SM MOA Short
Program and Photo Op.
The public is invited to participate in the parade, escort Miss World’s motorcade and attend the program in MOA.

October 12 Hometown Visit – Olongapo City with Mayor Rolen Paulino

October 13 GMA7 and ABS-CBN guestings in Sunday All Stars
and ASAP

October 14 PGH Charity Visit
Commendation from the Senate
Conferring of Commendation from the House of
Representatives of the Philippines

This country after all deserves some great news and celebrations!






Is Ara Arida the next Filipina Miss Universe?

By now your pageant calendar must’ve already been blocked on November 9, or November 10 in the Philippines as the 2013 Miss Universe pageant shall take place that much awaited day.

Gorgeous Ariella “Ara” Arida, 24, 5’7″, a Chemistry graduate from University of the Philippines-Los Banos, who hails from Alaminos in Laguna is to clinch the Philippines’ 3rd Miss Universe crown and that is after 39 long years. The Miss Universe pageant this year will be held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

Gloria Diaz won our first Miss Universe in 1969 and Margie Moran in 1973. Miriam Quiambao and Janine Tugonon almost did so thus placing first runners up in 1999 and 2012, repetitively.

The 2013 Universe candidates are expected to arrive in Moscow by October 20, which is just about 2 weeks from now. As the much awaited pageant day gets closer, the excitement is undeniably mounting and the many fans are getting unstoppably crazier. As a manifestation, a number of online FAN pages and forums have been sprouting in significant number. And yes, Ara has truly been getting a huger fan base and bigger support day by day, which is a feel good vibe.

Just recently, we’ve been seeing Ara guesting on many TV shows like It’s ShowTime prolly needed in boosting further her confidence, communication skills, stage presence, fighting spirit, etc., which all seem to be working fine for her.

Bet by keen observance you must agree that Ara is all geared up already to battle and to ultimately capture that sought after Miss Universe crown. What she needs is that extra essential key factor to pageant winning, which is called luck. As such, will Ara’s stunningly beautiful looks, healthy and fit body, fun personality, smart aura, strong appeal, huge fan base, etc., make her the next and third Filipina Miss Universe? We all do hope so.

Good luck, Ara! I know you will shine in Russia and in the Miss Universe pageant. Bring home the crown!

Credits to the owners of photos grabbed online.











Bb Pilipinas Tourism Cindy Miranda Vies for 2013 Miss Tourism Queen International

2013 Miss Tourism Queen International happening tomorrow!

It’s yet another BIG beauty pageant day tomorrow, October 3, 2013, for us enthusiasts and of course for our very own 2013 Bb Pilipinas Tourism Johanna Cindy Veron Miranda as it’s now her turn to shine in her quest to be 2013 Miss Tourism Queen international.

The pageant in its eight edition this year will be held in Xianning, China.

She described herself as “unstoppable” in the Bb Pilipinas GOLD Q & A when Cindy was asked what is the personal quality that most people remember about her. Now I can feel that “unstoppable” part of her personality as she has come in truly prepared, determined, competitive, and hungry to clinch the international crown.

Cindy, 23, 5’7” from Rizal, Nueva Ecija, is to beat 43 other candidates.

Pageant will be at 7pm MNL time tomorrow. Live streaming links if any shall be posted in this Facebook FAN page that I manage ( Stay updated.

Cindy will absolutely be an great Miss Tourism Queen international as she is naturally amiable, has the ambassadress type of personality, is a cum laude Tourism degree graduate from University of Santo Tomas, a social media savvy, is used to being in the limelight or to media exposure as a TV host, has tons of FAN base, can truly boost tourism and other causes of the pageant, etc.

Justine Gabionza in 2006 first won the Miss Tourism Queen International title for the Philippines.

To Cindy, we wish you the very best of luck and we pray for your ultimate success. May you bring home our 2nd Miss Tourism Queen International title and carry on realizing our 2013 international pageant grand slam goal.

Credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.