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Weigmann vs Peters: The Heat is on in 2014 Miss World-Philippines

Are you ready for the next Miss World Philippines?

Would certainly like to see all of them in person but so far I see the real competition head to head between Valerie Weismann versus Rachel Louise Petersn this year’s Miss World Philippines quest.


Rachel Louise Peters, 5’8″ is Filipina-British, one of the 8 entries so far from Kagandahang Flores or KF camp. On the other hand is
Valerie Weigmann, 5’9″, Filipina-German, the sole entry of beauty pageant camp Aces & Queens in this year’s search is a model and celebrity host of famous TV noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Will Rachel and Val be the last two standing in this year?
That is something to excitedly look forward to.


In the meantime, here’s the list of official candidates to date. There’s yet another extended screening scheduled this Friday, September 12, 2014.

Eliza Johanna Cruz
Valerie Weigmann
Kimberley Pajares
Frances Ruth Constantino
Grace Ann Bautista
Gazini Christiana Ganados
Lorraine Kendrickson
Ranielah Marie Oval
Nilda Ibe
Rachel Louise Peters
Jean Marie Feliciano
Nicole Donesa
Roxanne Cabanero
Priscilla Kimberley de la Cruz
Kimberley Anne Sarreal
Kristine Angeli Estoque
Alexa Rae Kirby
Christine Balaguer
Theresa Regli
Moriel Olea
Rachelle Emmylou Carandang

Miss World Philippines coronation night this year will be on October 12, Sunday at the Mall of Asia Arena.



2014 Miss World Philippines Up for a Back to Back Win?


The search for the 2014 Miss World Philippines pageant has been extended to September 1, 2014. Our very own Megan Lynne Young clinched the country’s very first Miss World crown on September 28 last year at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia. Since the pageant’s initial run in 1951, the Philippines has only one Miss World crown to date. Thanks to you Megan who is to relinquish her crown to the next Miss World Philippines really soon.

The question is will this pageant obsessed nation up for a back to back win?


How or is it even viable to win back to back given a nexus of mediating factors to winning per playing around probability? Has it ever occurred in the past? If possible or probable, no one would not really know for sure. It is , after all, anyone’s ball game to play and a luck game at that, too. Strongly I believe a competitive and a winnable delegate is as such and would surely make it or if not close to winning.

Recently in 2011 Miss World Philippines, statuesque Gwendoline Ruias won Miss World first runner up and Asia and Oceana’s Continental queen. In 2012, gorgeous Queenirich Rehman was among the semifinalists in Miss World.


In Miss World pageant’s history as sourced elsewhere online, United Kingdom, Sweden and India are three countries that have won back to back. In the pageant’s first two years namely 1951 and 1952, Sweden won with Miss World queens Kiki Håkansson and May-Louise Flodin, respectively.
United Kingdom had a back to back win in 1964 by Miss World Ann Sidney and 1965 by Miss World Lesley Langley. Incredible India won consecutive in 1999 with Miss World Yukta Mookhey and 2000 with Miss World Priyanka Chopra.

The cumulative effect of constant exposures to beauty pageants over time can more or less make one gauge a certain high level standard of beauty and appeal that would most likely stand out from the so-called bevy of international beauty queens regardless of the pageant’s milieu. Short to state, so long as we send the right i.e., competitive and winnable delegate, one who is classy, smart, gorgeous, very likable to most, very passionate about beauty with a purpose and charity works, etc. this pageant amorous nation shall surely carry on with its good trending in Miss World and yes, why not a back to back win.


So do you want to be the next Miss World Philippines? Here’s your chance to give this country her back to back win in the Miss World pageant. For the application and other details, go to this link


Credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.

The Philipines’ Very First Miss World Winner Comes Home Today

Hail to our very first Miss World from the Philippines Megan Lynne Young who shall come home today to her very pageant amorous nation. As such, the nation is celebrating and beaming with so much joy.

Megan Young truly made history. The Philippines has been competing in Miss World pageant for 46 long years in the pageant’s 65th year. Only this year did she finally clinch the much coveted crown on September 28, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Indeed, Megan’s success placed this pageant loving Philippines in the higher beauty pageantry ranks. Cheers to that and again congratulations, Megan!

Kudos to the national direction and CEO of Miss World Philippines Cory Quirino and her team. In addition, hats off to beauty camp Aces&Queens (by Jonas Gaffud, Arnold Mercado, Mark Besana, Nad Bronce, John Cuay, etc.). This beauty camp I must say is the one to beat.

Here’s the line up of our goddess’ activities

Megan’s homecoming will include the following:
October 10 – 5PM – Arrival NAIA
Ceremonial Toss– NBA Global game, SM MOA Arena
Houston Rockets vs Indiana Pacers

October 11- Morning Courtesy Call on Pres. Benigno Aquino III
2PM Motorcade/Victory Parade (Makati Central Post
Office/Ayala Ave/EDSA)
Miss World Fans are requested to wear something blue
Color of the crown) and meet Megan along the route of the motorcade. There is a request for the office workers to shower blue, aqua and white confetti as the motorcade passes their respective office buildings.

3:30 – 5:00 PM Meet and Greet Fans – SM MOA Short
Program and Photo Op.
The public is invited to participate in the parade, escort Miss World’s motorcade and attend the program in MOA.

October 12 Hometown Visit – Olongapo City with Mayor Rolen Paulino

October 13 GMA7 and ABS-CBN guestings in Sunday All Stars
and ASAP

October 14 PGH Charity Visit
Commendation from the Senate
Conferring of Commendation from the House of
Representatives of the Philippines

This country after all deserves some great news and celebrations!






The Philippines Wins her Very First Miss World Crown

The Philippines at long last finally made it!

Since the Philippines’ very first entry in 1966, i.e., 46 very long years, finally in this lifetime and this year a Filipina by celebrity actress gorgeous Megan Lynne Young bags the very first Miss World crown for her pageant amorous country.

September 28, 2013 has now become a remarkable date in Philippine pageant history as our Megan Lynne Young, 23, 5’8″ was officially proclaimed Miss World by MWO producer Julia Morley in a fabulous ceremony in Indonesia.

Ecstatic still to this very writing, the joy of Megan’s victory has been an overwhelmingly wonderful experience as we all have been for the longest time excitedly waiting for this truly momentous event to take place.

Indeed, watching the pageant On LIVE streaming was truly exciting and tension-filled especially with the company of good friends and pageant enthusiasts. My friends and I held a viewing party in Crash Pad Bistro, which by the way serves good food at the Palm Towers Condominium in Makati City. We utilized the working online LIVE streaming links as I did REAL time updates on the Facebook FAN page I manage (Link:

We all felt something great was abound. True enough, the many prayers, all so positive vibes, best of wishes, the gayest and of loudest cheers, etc., might have all conspired with the good universe to swing to Megan’s winning momentum.

Megan bested 126 other delegates in a festive event at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia including France’s Marine Lorphelin, 1st Princess and Ghana’s Carranza Shooter, 2nd princess, respectively. Other finalists included delegates from Spain, Brazil and Gibraltar.

Congratulations to you Megan for being our very first Miss World! You made us, your country people, extremely happy and very proud!

Credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.











Will Megan Young be the Philippines’ very first Miss World?

Tomorrow, September 28, 2013, at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia we shall all witness the crowning of the 2013 Miss World, the 63rd edition of pageant. Reigning Miss World Yu Wenxia of China PR will relinquish her crown to the rightful and most deserving queen from among the over 120 delegates competing this year.

Certainly this year is the most exciting for this pageant amorous Philippines as she is represented by a really lovely goddess of beauty and ever amiable actress Megan Lynne Young, 23, and 5’8″ tall.

Megan is favored to win the Miss Wold crown by the many so called pageant experts and pageant netizens. To date, Megan has won the the plum TOP Model award, placed 4th in the Multi Media challenge and 5th in Beach Fashion. Such truly manifest good signs of being a real front runner to the blue crown.

Yes, the Miss World crown has never won by a Filipina just yet from her very first entry in 1966. Closest ever were Evangeline Pascual in 1973 and Gwendolyn Ruais in 2011 who both placed First runners up.

Will Megan Lynne Young be the Philippines’ very first Miss World? Such is the real clamor and prayers of this nation.

For sure Megan will be an excellent and famous Miss World as she is a perfect ambassadress of beauty with a good purpose-very amiable, communicates excellently, very classy, truly confident, stunningly beautiful, naturally likable, etc.

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. God bless the Philippines and may the winning momentum truly swing to your direction, Megan!

The pageant may be viewed in the following channels of our choice

1) On Free TV via GMA-7 on September 28 at 10:00PM (after Celebrity Bluff)

2) On Cable TV via the Fox Channel (check your provider’s channel assignment) on September 28 (exact time still to be confirmed)

3) On Cable TV via Star World Asia (but much delayed) on October 1 at 9:00PM

4) On Live Streaming via RCTI Indonesia Okezone

5) On Live Streaming via the Miss World website

*Credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.
















Actress Megan Young Wins 2013 Miss World Philippines

A heavy favorite from the very start, Filipina-American Megan Lynne Young, famous actress, 23, won this year’s Miss World Philippines title in last night’s pageant at Solaire Resort and Casino, Pasay City.

In the pageant’s 64th edition, Megan earned the right to represent the Philippines in the 2013 Miss World pageant to be held in Indonesia come September 28.

With the stiff competition, Megan bested 24 other candidates including pageant veterans and favorites First Princess – Janicel Lubina
Second Princess – Zahra Saldua, Third Princess – Bianca Paz and Fourth Princess – Omarie Linn Osuna.

Megan belongs to Team Aces and Queens, the country’s most famous and successful beauty pageant camp. It’s the same team which successfully handled last year’s Miss World Philippines Queenie Rehman, recent Miss Universe runners up Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup and Janine Tugonon, etc.

Miss World Philippines 2013, is the 3rd edition of CQGQI’s (Cory Quirino Global Quest, Inc.). Wishfully, the Philippines will finally win her very first Miss World crown this year.

Congratulations and good luck, Megan!

Photo to credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.