2014 Miss World Philippines Up for a Back to Back Win?


The search for the 2014 Miss World Philippines pageant has been extended to September 1, 2014. Our very own Megan Lynne Young clinched the country’s very first Miss World crown on September 28 last year at Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia. Since the pageant’s initial run in 1951, the Philippines has only one Miss World crown to date. Thanks to you Megan who is to relinquish her crown to the next Miss World Philippines really soon.

The question is will this pageant obsessed nation up for a back to back win?


How or is it even viable to win back to back given a nexus of mediating factors to winning per playing around probability? Has it ever occurred in the past? If possible or probable, no one would not really know for sure. It is , after all, anyone’s ball game to play and a luck game at that, too. Strongly I believe a competitive and a winnable delegate is as such and would surely make it or if not close to winning.

Recently in 2011 Miss World Philippines, statuesque Gwendoline Ruias won Miss World first runner up and Asia and Oceana’s Continental queen. In 2012, gorgeous Queenirich Rehman was among the semifinalists in Miss World.


In Miss World pageant’s history as sourced elsewhere online, United Kingdom, Sweden and India are three countries that have won back to back. In the pageant’s first two years namely 1951 and 1952, Sweden won with Miss World queens Kiki Håkansson and May-Louise Flodin, respectively.
United Kingdom had a back to back win in 1964 by Miss World Ann Sidney and 1965 by Miss World Lesley Langley. Incredible India won consecutive in 1999 with Miss World Yukta Mookhey and 2000 with Miss World Priyanka Chopra.

The cumulative effect of constant exposures to beauty pageants over time can more or less make one gauge a certain high level standard of beauty and appeal that would most likely stand out from the so-called bevy of international beauty queens regardless of the pageant’s milieu. Short to state, so long as we send the right i.e., competitive and winnable delegate, one who is classy, smart, gorgeous, very likable to most, very passionate about beauty with a purpose and charity works, etc. this pageant amorous nation shall surely carry on with its good trending in Miss World and yes, why not a back to back win.


So do you want to be the next Miss World Philippines? Here’s your chance to give this country her back to back win in the Miss World pageant. For the application and other details, go to this link http://www.missworldphilippines.com


Credits to the rightful owners of the photos grabbed online.


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