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Eight Attributes of an Excellent Miss Universe Philippines By Carlo Tenerife

Miss Universe Philippines is THE plum title to be won in Bb Pilipinas. Miss Universe is THE pageant to be won given the many other pageants held in the world annually.

In my lifetime I am yet to witness a Filipina crowned Miss Universe. So far we have been doing quite well by the high placement and recent successes of Venus Raj, 2010 Miss Universe 4th RU, Shamcey Supsup, 2011 Miss Universe 3rd RU, Janine Tugonon 2012 Miss Universe 1st RU and Ara Arida, 2013 Miss Universe 3rd RU.

Kudos for the four peats as such indeed has placed back this pageant amorous country in the real pageant limelight. I say we must carry on and finally clinch the Miss Universe crown.

What can be done aside from attributing winning to sheer luck?

To start with, let me define what an Excellent Miss Universe Philippines is by the 8 descriptive items below based on my many observations, (deep-dive) analyses, quite a number of exposures to Miss Universe materials (audio, video, etc) overtime, as an enthusiast, thoughts shared by some of my pageant loving peers, etc.

We have been celebrating how this pageant amorous Philippines has “conquered the universe” by her FOUR-peat recent successes to already won 2 Miss Universe crowns. As such, it is tantamount to saying that we have “learned” our hard lessons from the many years of drought being so ignored in Miss Universe, that we have somehow created a success formula and thus applied such so called magical steps into (almost) winning.

While it’s said by many in this pageant world that they who triumph are the luckiest of the night, there are also those factors that can be worked on by the candidate or the pageant directors to further boost chances in making it to the cut, to shine further, outwit or to even win it all.

What is the concept behind an awesome Miss Universe Philippines? Among others, here are some of my thoughts

1. She has to be very physically appealing, that is, in the first five seconds you see her you’re glued instantaneously and would say this woman is IT, she is shining like a diamond and a real WOW! No compromises on this and definably no explanation needed of explaining her beauty and background. She has to be the winning package that appeals to most people. The Miss Universe pageant usually has over 70 delegates and the chances of exposures would be fleeting. Even the pace of the preliminary competition is too swift and given so her beauty has be felt and appreciated right within those very few seconds.

2. She has to be very photogenic as well. Her pictures must declare too much strikingly about her that at the onset she could be a magnet that could attract more than expected. This is excellent to drive FAN base, eventually add more pageant popularity, attract more bigger sponsors, etc

3. She has to academically fine as such would manifest her consistent discipline, strong drive, hard work and dedication to what she’s doing. In the Philippine culture education is truly essential and that is something parents work hard for to provide to their children. As she is a role model to the youth, parents can sell in the concept of good education can lead to more and better opportunities in life.

4. She has to ooze confidence to be noticed, to draw more attention and leave a very good impression to others. She has to deliver and carry out her tasks confidently and as such make very good impressions about those.

5. She has to be warm, congenial, and not intimidating to people. That is being the ambassadress of goodwill type ready to reach out, commune with people of different walks of life.

6. She has to look every inch a beautiful Filipina. She must be proud of her color and her rich culture in general. Trending has it over time that the real “Pinay” good looks get much more appeal in the international pageant such as Miss Universe as in the cases of Miriam Quiambao, Janine Tugonon, etc. She could by her very self promote the Philippines to the rest of the world.

7. She has to exude the true meaning of fitness and well-being. As an ambassadress, she would propagate all these amongst the young people especially women where they serve as their role models for inspiration and influence to realize full potentials, fulfill their dreams, etc.

8. She is candid, spontaneous and to quite an extent a lovely naïve. Miss Universe after all is not a debate contest or that she has to be very well researched, persuasive at all times or argumentative in nature, etc. She is not expected to know it all but at her early age but has to have a mind of a good natured and mature woman who could decide for herself and understand what is right, just and true.

Looking at the 2014 Bb Pilipinas photos, reviewing the many videos elsewhere online, checking the web interviews, studying recent Miss Universe materials everyday, etc, the cumulative effect of all those are the basis for choosing my TOP 12 to date. This list may still change as we draw nearer the biggest day, which is March 30, 2014 at the Smart Areneta. The current Miss Universe from Venezuela Gabriella Isler shall grace the event with artist Emin.

There are a number of activities in line with Bb Pilipinas this year and I’m yet to see more of the 40 ladies.