Will Miss Philippines Ara Arida Win 2013 Miss Universe?

The Season Has Come

Truly the season of much looked-for keen observations, daring predictions and worthy acknowledgments of being bonafide beauty pageant enthusiasts have finally come to being.

The 2013 Miss Universe fever has been heating up to the high in the past few weeks and all social media networks have been hectically manifesting such hugeness bringing to the fore favorites, reviews, et cetera.

The Preliminary Competition

Yesterday, we finally witnessed this year’s 86 delegates to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant on its 62nd year competed head to head in the much important swimsuit and evening competitions. I say that, among others, this the much awaited part of the Miss Universe pageant as the greatest test of commanding stage presence was placed at stake and the real time cheers were out to test the real stand outs.

Trademark of Miss Universe being show efficient and fast pacing was still notably observed in the preliminary competition this year making the viewers stay glued on screen till the very end.

Selecting Your Bets

So how do we select our top 15 and favorites based on the preliminary competition?

There are a number of metrics or probably biases to consider but to sum those up, I say the oozing appeal that goes beyond color and even race that makes one truly noticeable, i.e., showing off striking physical attributes, remarkable beauty queen confidence, alluring personal style, et cetera.

One can gauge rightly the choice of front runners by recent trending, sheer gut-feel, or prolly cumulative effect of long term beauty pageant exposures over time.

As such, here are the possible top 15, and the author’s TOP 5 based on the preliminary performances, fan base recall, over all impression, et cetera.

Top 15

15. Ecuador
14. India
13. China
12. Israel
11. Australia
10. Nicaragua

9. Ukraine
8. Puerto Rico
7. Poland
6. Dominican Republic

Top 5

These choices even did spring from following the Miss Universe pageant long way before the actual pageant started in Moscow, Russia and intensified further in the preliminary competition. These ladies are much talked about online (Facebook, online forums, Twitter, et cetera) and have showed excellent performance in the preliminary competition.

5. Venezuela

Bio: Gabriela Isler started taking flamenco dancing lessons when she was a child, but says that her “real training” began when her niece was born.

Author’s Note: Gabriela, 25, 5’10” from Maracay is probably one of the most prepared candidates this year. She appears amiable and seems to know how to play her game well. Wearing a fabulously elegant evening gown and showing her great body in the swimsuit round, she certainly was one so hard to ignore this year. She appeared calm onstage and her pageant perfect “pasarella” manifested in both the swimsuit and evening gown portions.

4. Brazil

Bio: Jakelyne Oliveira dreams of making a name for herself in the fashion industry and using her image to support social and environmental causes.

Author’s Note: Jakelyne, 20, 5’8″, from Randonopolis stood out in the preliminary competition. She wore a very attractive evening gown, which is a strategy plus to really stand out and her fit body manifested in the swimsuit portion. I like the way she did strike that pose in the marker.

3. Spain

Bio: Patricia Yurena Rodriguez’s greatest personal accomplishment is leaving her small hometown in Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands of Spain, to pursue a modeling career.

Author’s Note: Patricia, 23, 5’8″, from Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife is very hard to miss. She has been much talked about in forums as well and seems very likable like a real ambassadress of goodwill. She has striking good looks and appeal that can draw attention be that in photos or videos.

2. USA

Bio: Erin Brady grew up in East Hampton, Connecticut. Before winning Miss USA, Erin was working as a financial accountant. She cites her biggest accomplishment as moving out on her own at the age of 17.

Author’s Note: Erin, 26, 5’10” from Connecticut has a very commanding stage presence, beautiful face and gorgeous body. She is an ambassadress material type and would be a good Miss Universe. I like her more given her performance in the preliminary competition. It appears that her styling worked really well for her.

1. Philippines

Bio: Ariella Arida graduated with honors from the University of the Philippines with a degree in chemistry.

Author’s Note: Ara, 24, Laguna has a fan base that is amazingly huge, which seemed to have gone viral on all forms of media. Ara has been invited to grace many a number of essential Miss Universe corporate events and shows. Her personality is naturally bubbly and fun. “Pasarella” was pageant perfect owning the stage like it was hers and she impressively showed her fit body in the swimsuit. The yellow gown she donned complicated her color more than enough to make her shine on stage. At this point in this, what she needs is sheer luck as she has those other needed Miss Universe stand out characteristics already.

As we always say, it is anyone’s real ballgame when one gets in the all essential semi finals cut. Can wait no more for the big day to come, November 9, US time. In the meantime, let us vote for our favorites and wish that the momentum will spring to their direction.










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3 responses to “Will Miss Philippines Ara Arida Win 2013 Miss Universe?”

  1. Miser says :

    Cngratulations for this!! its very near to the final results! A pageant expert indeed!

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