Ara Arida, 2013 Miss Universe Philippines’ Send Off

Last Thursday, October 17, in 2013 Miss Universe Philippines Ara Arida’s official send off, we witnessed the manifestation of her undeviating hard work, thoroughgoing determination, and intense fighting spirit when she came up on that stage very ready and eager to clinch the Philippines’ third Miss Universe crown.

Bashers would always be there and they should keep her proving. Being an manager of a huge Fan page I have observed Ara has quite a few bashers but they have diminished in recent days given her recent glam shots and many TV appearances.

Ara’s bashers say she lacks that oomph, superb communication skills and winning personality. But, hey, by meticulous observation recent trending has it that the winners of Miss Universe have become less predictable, less pageant patty and even exude a certain level of naïveté as such as in the cases of Leila Lopes (2011) and Olivia Culpo (2012).

Having said so about recent trending, which is crucial in gauging the right national delegate, I say that the winning formula is yet to be defined. As such, it is Ara and and everyone else’s ballgame at this time.

What has remained strong in Ara is her fighting spirit, emerging huge fan base, aggressive support of the Filipinos, truly remarkable stage presence, beautiful face, fit body and her good vibe personality. Thus, all she need to do is to carry on and wishfully be lucky enough to take her our 3rd Miss Universe crown.

Good luck, Ara! Just do it!

Credits to the owners of the other photos grabbed online.






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