Bb Pilipinas Tourism Cindy Miranda Vies for 2013 Miss Tourism Queen International

2013 Miss Tourism Queen International happening tomorrow!

It’s yet another BIG beauty pageant day tomorrow, October 3, 2013, for us enthusiasts and of course for our very own 2013 Bb Pilipinas Tourism Johanna Cindy Veron Miranda as it’s now her turn to shine in her quest to be 2013 Miss Tourism Queen international.

The pageant in its eight edition this year will be held in Xianning, China.

She described herself as “unstoppable” in the Bb Pilipinas GOLD Q & A when Cindy was asked what is the personal quality that most people remember about her. Now I can feel that “unstoppable” part of her personality as she has come in truly prepared, determined, competitive, and hungry to clinch the international crown.

Cindy, 23, 5’7” from Rizal, Nueva Ecija, is to beat 43 other candidates.

Pageant will be at 7pm MNL time tomorrow. Live streaming links if any shall be posted in this Facebook FAN page that I manage ( Stay updated.

Cindy will absolutely be an great Miss Tourism Queen international as she is naturally amiable, has the ambassadress type of personality, is a cum laude Tourism degree graduate from University of Santo Tomas, a social media savvy, is used to being in the limelight or to media exposure as a TV host, has tons of FAN base, can truly boost tourism and other causes of the pageant, etc.

Justine Gabionza in 2006 first won the Miss Tourism Queen International title for the Philippines.

To Cindy, we wish you the very best of luck and we pray for your ultimate success. May you bring home our 2nd Miss Tourism Queen International title and carry on realizing our 2013 international pageant grand slam goal.

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