Our Mutya Datul is 2013 Miss Supranational Grand Winner

The night of September 6 was certainly a night to remember as the stars were truly aligned in celebration. The Philippine nation rejoiced when she saw our very own Mutya Johanna Datul, 21, 5’8″, from Isabela being proclaimed 2013 Miss Supranational International in a super glitzy show at Sport’s Palace of Minsk, Belarus, Eastern Europe.

Mutya is the very first Asian and Filipina to have clinched the prestigious crown in the international pageant’s fifth edition.

Mutya bested 81 other delegates including Mexico’s Jacqueline Morales who was first runner up, Turkey’s Leila Kose, second runner up followed by Indonesia’s Cok Crisnanda and US Virgin Islands’ Esonica Veira in the 3rd and 4th runners up, respectively.

Some awards given were Continental Queens.
Miss Africa-Gabon Hillary Ondo, Miss Americas-Brazil Raquel Benetti
Miss Asia Pacific-Australia Esma Voloderand Miss Europe-Belarus Veronika Chachina

Other awards given during the pageant were Miss Elegance-Sweden Sally Lindgren; Miss Personality-Philippines Mutya Datul; Miss Friendship-Macau Sarah Leyshan; Miss Photogenic-Puerto Rico Desirée Del Rio; Miss Internet-Myanmar Khin Wint Wah; Best National Costume-Nicaragua Alejandra Gross; Miss Top Model-Moldova Valeria Donu; Miss Talent-Malaysia Nancy Markus; Miss Bikini-Iceland Fanney Ingvarsdóttir.

Last year, BPCI’s handpicked Philippine representative Elaine Kay Moll, won third runner up during the coronation night in Warsaw, Poland.

Congratulations, Mutya! The nation is very proud of you! Thumbs up!











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