Is it Megan Young for 2013 Miss World Philippines?

As she was truly deprived of the right to join BbPilipinasGOLD last March to the many fans’ dismay, this 2013 Miss World Philippines pageant, will Megan Young finally realize her dream to wear the Miss Philippines sash and represent this pageant amorous nation in a huge international pageant such as the Miss World pageant?

Megan Young’s participation this year has certainly added more excitement and value to Miss World Philippines pageant. Now I hope the pageant coronation night will be open to the public or the bloggers like ME.

Photo credits to Dencio Natividad and Jory Rivera.





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3 responses to “Is it Megan Young for 2013 Miss World Philippines?”

  1. marcelo amen penaso says :

    ka mukha siya former miss world 2004

  2. mhervie tatad says :

    bkit hindi maganda at matalino nman sia.. i hope n sia manalo..

  3. Kapuke says :

    winner! all those other contestants can clap now

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