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7 Bb Pilipinas Alumnae in 2013 Miss World Philippines Quest

As an enthusiast of Bb Pilipinas, glad to see Bianca Paz from 2009 (disqualified in 2011) Bb Pilipinas; Nicole Marable and Patricia Ejercitado from Bb Pilipinas 2012; KJ Kahandig, Zandra Flores, Ria Rabajante and MerceGrace Raquel from Bb Pilipinas Gold back in the pageant scene, and this time as they all quest for the 2013 Miss World Philippines crown.

Since managed by CQ Global Quest Inc in 2011, the two consecutive winners of Miss World Philippines were Bb Pilipinas candidates namely Gwen Ruias (2010 Bb Pilipinas) and Quennie Rehman (2011 Bb Pilipinas).

In 2011 Miss World Philippines, the runners up were all Bb Pilipinas candidates, Ist RU Helen Nicolette Henson (Bb 2010 Ist RU), 2nd RU Martha Chloe McCulley (Bb 2011), 3rd RU Bianca Paz (Bb 2009) and 4th RU Jayzel Arrozal (Bb 2009). In 2012 Miss World Philippines, 2 of 4 runners up were once Bb Pilipinas candidates, Ist RU Mary Ann Ross Misa (Bb 2010 semifinalist) and 3rd RU April Love Jordan (Bb 2009 semifinalist).

Will this year’s Miss World Philippines come form these Bb Pilipinas candidates? Let us see come coronation night on 18 August 2013.

Photos by Jory Rivera.



Can the Philippines Finally Win the Miss World crown?

The Miss World crown is yet to be won by the Philippines. From her very first entry in 1966 to date, the closest ever achieved almost there so to speak were the first runners up placements of Evangeline Pascual in 1973 and Gwen Ruias in 2011. Movie celebrity Ruffa Gutierrez placed 2nd runner up in 1993.

Aside from the most coveted and awaited crown itself, starting in the 1980’s continental beauties were also awarded in the Miss World pageant. The Philippines won five times
as Asia/Asia & Oceania’s Queen of Beauty in 1982 (Sara Jane Areza), 1986 (Sherry Rose Byrne), 1993 (Ruffa Guttierez) 2004 (Karla Bautista) and 2011 (Gwen Ruais).

Pretty sure in this lifetime we’d like to witness a Filipina finally crowned Miss World, right? Will 2013 be the year of our crowning glory?

Hope this year’s Miss World Philippines is a stunning beauty who shall embody what Miss World would be looking for exactly, that is, someone who is classy, smart, genuinely interested in doing charities, a true beauty with a purpose, etc and the same time be providential enough to realize this long time goal.

The final screening for 2013 Miss World will be tomorrow and the coronation night is scheduled August 18, 2013.

All photos of our Miss World almost victories in history grabbed online. Evangeline Pascual was first runner up in 1973, Ruffa Gutierrez was 2nd runner up in 1993 and Gwen Ruias was first runner up in 2011.




2013 Mutya Ng Pilipinas Crowned

Congratulations to the winners of 2013 Mutya ng Pilipinas.




(Left to Right) 2nd runner up Kristian Aubrey Nolasco, Mutya Overseas Asdis Karlsdottir, Mutya Asia Pacific Koreen Medina, Mutya Tourism International Angeli Dione Gomez and 1st runner up Maureen Montagne.

Credits to for the photos.

Is it Megan Young for 2013 Miss World Philippines?

As she was truly deprived of the right to join BbPilipinasGOLD last March to the many fans’ dismay, this 2013 Miss World Philippines pageant, will Megan Young finally realize her dream to wear the Miss Philippines sash and represent this pageant amorous nation in a huge international pageant such as the Miss World pageant?

Megan Young’s participation this year has certainly added more excitement and value to Miss World Philippines pageant. Now I hope the pageant coronation night will be open to the public or the bloggers like ME.

Photo credits to Dencio Natividad and Jory Rivera.




Will Patricia Lae Ejercitado be the next Miss World Philippines?

Trending has it that the past 2 winners of ‪#‎MWP‬ or ‪#‎MissWorldPhilippines‬ were past BB Pilipinas semifinalists namely Gwen Ruias (Bb Pilipinas 2010 semifinalist) and Queenie Rehman (Bb Pilipinas 2011 semifinalist). Shall the trend carry on and the crown be in Patricia Lae Ejercitado’s head (Bb Pilipinas 2012 semifinalist)? Let us wait and witness! Your valuable thoughts?

Credits to the three photos by Dennis Natividad. One picture grabbed from Patricia’s own FB page.