Miss Universe Philippines Janine Tugonon’s farewell speech

“The past year has been entirely incredible. I already felt blessed when I was crowned Miss Universe Philippines last April. But then I had to wait for 7 more months before I could actually compete. Instead of being impatient, I regard it as an opportunity to hone my qualities to endless personality development sessions, and improve my mindset; workout with increased fervor and at the same time strengthen my fighting spirit. I am glad I did all that because I was able to make my countrymen proud.

Winning so close to the Miss Universe crown is a humbling experience. It made me realize that one can do so much for others by being the best one can be. I also relish the times we had with operation smiles and other charitable activities. I treasure the friends I have made along the way. I am grateful to those who rooted for me since day one from the local pageant to Miss Universe in Las Vegas.

Thank you to my Bb family , Madame Stella Marquez Araneta, my mentors, and most specially God without whose grace I would not be where I am now.

Finally I thank all of the Filipinos who cheered for me from wherever they were. Because of you I never felt alone in this journey. Because of you I have realized what a blessing it is to be a Binibini. I wish you all a happy golden year na look forward to more beautiful years ahead.”20130606-224521.jpg20130606-224757.jpg


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